The consortium is composed of 11 institutions with a long history in the field of education and experience in the field of social inclusion. Among these, there are 4 European and 6 Latin American HEIs and a training agency.

The project will be coordinated by the Department of Social Pedagogy of the US, which has developed various international cooperation projects related to socioeconomic inclusion. In addition, the members involved in this proposal coordinate and participate in the US Adult Education and Development Research Group.

On the other hand, the other European HEIs develop important actions in terms of social inclusion. CREIFOS is a research, development and inclusion centre of UNIROMA3 in which actions linked to the project are carried out, such as the production of materials and instruments educational or material for continuing education. UNIBI is known for its scientific and critical work on social development and its educational purpose focuses on the capacity and strength of social innovation.