Graduated in Nursing by the FESP, Master in Hebiatry-Social Determinants of Health in Adolescence by the UPE and Doctorate in Sciences by the Inter-unities Programme of Doctorate by the EERP / USP. Adjunct Professor of the UPE, general coordinator of postgraduate of the Pro-Rectorate of Postgraduate, Research and Innovation, Legal Representative (Legal Entity Appointed Representative – LEAR) of the UPE in the European Commission. She is also a permanent member of the Associate Postgraduate Programme in Nursing of the UPE / UEPB. She has experience in Nursing, with emphasis on Child and Adolescent Health, acting mainly on the following topics: Drugs, Alcoholism, Family Nursing, Adolescent Health and Family Studies.



He is graduated in Biological Sciences and has a Masters in Forest Sciences from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, Doctorate in Botany awarded by the UFRPE with a training in alternation at the University of Porto and Post-Doctorate in Ecology. He is adjunct Professor of the UPE, General Coordinator of Research of the Pro-Rector of Postgraduate, Research and Innovation, and permanent professor of the Graduate Program in Education of the UPE, and of the Post-Postgraduate Program in Ethnobiology and Conservation of Nature of the UFRPE. He has acted, mainly, within the Ecology and Ethnobiology interface, evaluating how different human populations relate to the natural resources available in the environment in which they live.



She is graduated in Pharmacy from the Federal University of Pernambuco, with a Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of Pernambuco and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of São Paulo. She is Associate Professor at the Pernambuco University, collaborating researcher at the Department of Genetics of the Federal University of Pernambuco and the Bone Marrow Transplant Center – Molecular Biology Lab – National Cancer Institute. Develops projects in partnership with the University of Antwerp-Belgium in the area of neurosciences. She currently acts as Pro-Rector of Postgraduate and Research of the University of Pernambuco and acts as Executive Secretary of the National Forum of Pro-Rectors of Research and Postgraduate since January 2017.



Professor Emeritus, Director of the International Relations Department of the University of Pernambuco since 2007. After completing his Bachelor of Medicine in 1967, he received a Master’s degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco in 1978. Since 1975, he became a member of the teaching staff from the University of Pernambuco and, later (1981/1983), he accomplished postgraduate studies as a Research Professor at the University College London Medical School. Today, he is a member of the Brazilian Association for International Education (FAUBAI) and has been coordinating the Northeast Section of FAUBAI since October 2014. He is also a member of the Chamber of Internationalization of the Brazilian Association of Rectors of the State and Municipal Universities (ABRUEM).



She is graduated in Letters with Spanish Language qualification by the UFPE, Specialist in Teaching Practices in the Teaching of the Spanish Language by the FAFIRE, Spanish teacher, provides consultancy in the process of teacher training. She is currently a secretary in the International Relations Office of the University of Pernambuco.



Graduated in nursing, PhD student in child and adolescent health. Assistant Professor of the UPE. He has coordinated and collaborated with researches in the area of child health, adolescents and youth, school health, violence prevention, health education and nursing education. He is a member of study and research groups at the UPE and ad hoc consultant for national and international newspapers.