3rd Newsletter SOLIDARIS

More and better accesibility for UNTREF students







The Secretariat of University Extension and Student Welfare of the UNTREF (hereinafter, SEUyBE UNTREF) proposes, among other objectives, to guarantee the right to higher education for people with disabilities. Its physical, communicational and academic accessibility to higher education according to the Social Model approach. To this end, some institutional actions were deployed: 1) periodic meetings with authorities and teachers of the Entrance Course; 2) continuous support to students (choice of courses and subjects, purchase of adapted furniture, access to pre-professional practices and scholarships); 3) work meetings on the School-University interface with the secondary schools of special education of the municipality of Tres de Febrero; 4) Special Projects: design of specific policies with the career of Hygiene and Work Safety for the improvement of the infrastructure and services of the buildings of the university (signage, ramps, furniture); 5) creation of the Commission on Disability and Gender, within the framework of the Network of Gender Studies of the UNTREF; 6) in coordination with the UNTREF Library: adaptation of study materials for students with vision and hearing problems. 

On the other hand, within the framework of the creation of the Interuniversity Network on Disability and Human Rights, the National Interuniversity Council (hereinafter, CIN) gave a recognition to the disability programs and commissions of the National Universities in September 2017. The Executive Committee of the CIN incorporated the Interuniversity Commission on Disability and Human Rights and the Interuniversity Network for Gender Equality and Against Violence as dependent interuniversity organizations. 

SEUyBE UNTREF, and its Student Welfare area, actively participated in the Interuniversity Commission on Disability and Human Rights. At the meeting held at the headquarters of the CIN (Ecuador 871, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), among other topics, it was discussed the organization of the 1st Symposium on Inclusive Universities-SOLIDARIS within the framework of the Erasmus + Program. It was held at the headquarters of the Rector of the UNTREF (Juncal 1319, CABA) on Thursday, November 15, 2018. 

Healthy eating training in a vulnerability context




Due to the existence of a large number of children who face nutritional problems and that do not met their basic nutritional needs as well as the requirements for a healthy condition, and depending on the inexperience of their family groups to solve these problems, there was the need to advise families that attend the CONIN Foundation so that they can provide a better nutrition to their children. 

Thus, from the University of Salvador, and through students in the Chair of Horticulture and Floriculture at the San Roque Gonzalez Campus in Santa Cruz, Virasoro, Corrientes, the participation of them as volunteers was proposed to provide advice to the population on how to produce their own vegetables for family consumption. 

The main objective of this activity is to provide families who attend the Centre with the necessary knowledge and tools to create an orchard at home and thus increase the availability of food and nutritional values. 

It is a project that generates a great positive impact in the community, since in addition to providing a learning about the work in the garden and the maximum use of resources, it collaborates to replicate this knowledge and promote an improvement in the quality of life.

SOLIDARIS partner meeting in Viña Del Mar






On May 13 and 15, 2019, a new partner meeting of SOLIDARIS project was held at the University of Viña del Mar in Chile, which was carried out together with the 2nd Symposium of Inclusive Universities, also organized within the framework of this project (14th May). 

During the meeting, the partners could advance in the following steps of the project such as the completion of the contents of the training for teaching and non-teaching staff of WP3, as well as the preparation of face-to-face training in Latin American universities of the consortium where these contents will be taught. Among other issues, the date of the pilot training with students and visits of Latin American partners to European universities was also set. 

On the other hand, the 2nd Symposium was entitled “Development of key competences: promoting an inclusive, participatory and sustainable society for the development of a common future” and consisted of a series of keynotes and round tables in which speakers from all the partner Universities, as well as guests from the University of Santiago de Chile, the Ministry of Education of the Government of Chile, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the National Coordinator of the Inclusive Higher Education Network of Chile, among others. 

SOLIDARIS visit to the Austral University of Chile

On May 16 and 17, 2019, SOLIDARIS partners visited the UACH in Coyhaique (Chile). 

Thanks to this visit, it was possible to know the functioning and organization of the UACH, as well as the measures for inclusion that are carried out within the university. Among other activities, there was a workshop, a round table and some presentations on the propaedeutic program that takes place there. 


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