The main objective of the SOLIDARIS Network is to facilitate a space for discussion, exchange and collaboration in Higher Education Institutions for the debate, reflection and production of common proposals in terms of social inclusion and key competences of the university community.

Specific objectives

  • To act as a platform for the transfer of acquired knowledge and good practices.
  • To disseminate and promote the use of the products and results generated by the SOLIDARIS Project, especially the Competences Self-Assessment Tool and the Key Competences Training Plan.
  • Promote meeting opportunities between Higher Education Institutions for the development of knowledge transfer and good practices in inclusion and key competences for the university community.
  • To act collaboratively to achieve all the proposed objectives in terms of university inclusion.

          These specific objectives will be materialised through the implementation of specific activities.

  • Specific focus: Promotion, dissemination, support and generation of materials and activities on inclusion in Higher Education Institutions: focus on training, dissemination and research on key competences for active citizenship in HEIs.

 How to become a member of the Network?


Membership of the SOLIDARIS Network is open to educational institutions or associations that meet the following membership criteria:

It must be an institution or association linked to educational issues. Examples: Higher Education Institutions, Secondary Education establishments, Educational Associations, NGOs.

In this institution there must be a proof and a conception of inclusive policies and actions.

The institution must have a track record in inclusion issues or internal policies aimed at working along these lines.


Role of Partner Institutions of the SOLIDARIS Network: These are those institutions that pay the stipulated membership fee and have direct access to the benefits of the SOLIDARIS Network, such as scholarships for students or free access to education and training.

Role of SOLIDARIS Network Partner Institutions: These are institutions that do not pay membership fees and participate in the SOLIDARIS Network in general activities. However, they do not have access to direct benefits such as scholarships or free access to training and capacity building.

By the way, SOLIDARIS is also setting up its SOLIDARIS Student Network, so that young people can also be protagonists of inclusion and take the reins of social change for inclusive citizenship.

If your organisation, university or student association is interested in becoming a member of the SOLIDARIS Network, please fill in this form and we will get back to you with more information.